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You have a task you need to get done. Maybe it's a letter of recommendation for a former employee, a snazzy description of a product or content for your business website. You know what you need to say, but not how to say it. Maybe you don't have the time or maybe writing is just not your idea of a rip-roaring good time.  


I'll wave my magic wand, help you organize your thoughts, and turn them into polished paragraphs. I can work with whatever you've got, even if all you have are chicken scratch notes on the back of a receipt.


Whether your project calls for a playful or professional tone, I can work with you to create something you'll be proud of.


Areas of expertise: wellness, medicine, education, arts, employment, cultural criticism and much more...

Old Typewriter

Playfair Display is a sophisticated font with tall, imposing letters. It's ideal for titles, headlines and short blocks of copy - like a product description.

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All my life, I've loved to read and write. While other kids were outside playing, I wanted to be inside with a stack of books or writing stories. If a cat happened to be nearby, even better. As a kid, I wrote profusely and won all sorts of writing celebrations. Yes, Mom was proud. 


Until I graduated with my Master's in Women Studies, I was sure I would grow up to be an academic. While earning my Bachelor's in Philosophy, I imagined writing and studying for the rest of my life. At the time, I figured the way to do this was to become a professor. 


As it turns out, introverts don't like standing in front of large groups every day (unless we also happen to be dancers who perform once in a while, but that's a different story). So, I sought full-time work in fields that mattered to me. I've worked as a legal secretary in environmental law, a quality assurance coordinator in women's health and a manager in a dance studio. Currently, I'm working as a manager in a reproductive health facility, freelancing on the side to build my writing portfolio. 

Years ago, merely through word of mouth, I started taking odd gigs in proofreading and copywriting. I wrote letters of recommendation and web content for a reproductive health clinic. I wrote content for friends' massage and pilates business websites. I even worked for a web catalog writing product descriptions. 

I LOVE project-based writing for other people. Writing and proofreading come easily and naturally to me. I love the process of taking someone's stream of consciousness and organizing it into a tidy piece that makes sense. The only thing I love more is being able to DO something about bad punctuation and grammatical errors instead of just cringing at them on billboards and restaurant menus.

So...what can I do for you?


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